Over the Neptune 1979 | synthesizer space symphony

Over the Neptune is a space symphonic suite by Kimlandsky.
This space music consists of three parts.
part 1 : Departure from the Earth
part 2 : Cross the Sun
part 3 : Over the Neptune

Over the Neptune, received a prize music by the second Synthesizer tape contest of Roland in 1979. and issued the Synthesizer Land of this contest record album from Toshiba EMI in the same year.
equipment : Roland SH-3A, Roland System 100 & 700, Roland RS-202, YAMAHA YC-45D, SONY TC4860


オーケストラ・チューン 1988年 | サウンドスケープ・シリーズ

キムランドスキーが1988年のオーケストラ・エキスポでの舞踏家の滑川五郎の舞台『ナトゥーラ・モルタ』ために製作した曲『オーケストラ・チューン』(Orchestra Tune)です。


The music for furniture 2019 「家具のためのピアノ曲」

The original music was composed in 1989. This is a version rerecorded in 2019. That is the furniture which remodeled the top of the side table into the photoframe. The refrain melody of the piano sounds in response to a sensor.


“Umi EP” music by KIMLANDSKY

KIMLANDSKY‘s “Umi EP” original recording in 1982, reissue 2012 Because an original master tape was lost, KIMLANDSKY made this movie from a cassette tape.

Daremo Shiranai Umi (Mare non scire quis)

Shizukana Umi (Mare Tranquillitatis)






8mm movie collection


#1 1981

#2 1981

#3 ILLUSION 1980

#5 潜水艦アルゴー 予告編 1972

#5 潜水艦アルゴー 1972 完全版

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